About Us

“In all cultures, the midwife’s place is on the threshold of life, where intense human emotions, fear, hope, longing, triumph, and incredible physical power- enable a new human to emerge.” – Sheila Kitzinger

Huron Midwives

“Huron Community Midwifery Services” was founded in 1994 by Susan Wilts who established the strong roots of midwifery care in Huron County and surrounding area.  In 2017, Susan Wilts retired and Ellen Peel took ownership of “Huron Midwives”. We now have eight midwives and two second-attendants who continue to serve communities in Huron County and surrounding areas. Our clinic & birth centre is located in the town of Blyth (directions).  Our team of midwives routinely does prenatal care at the clinic but the majority of your postpartum care will be done in your home to allow you to rest and adapt to life with your new baby in the comfort of your own home!

As midwives we provide primary care to low-risk individuals throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period. We take pride in offering professional care that is also personal and compassionate, and empowers each client to make informed choices during their pregnancy.  As registered midwives, we can complete bloodwork and lab tests, order hospital based ultrasounds or use the bedside ultrasound unit at Huron Midwives clinic in certain circumstances, prescribe certain medications related to your maternity care, and so much more. Therefore, you do not need to see your doctor once you have been accepted into midwifery care. We provide FREE services to all women and their families! We are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long term care.  The ministry does outline how many clients each practice can care for on a yearly basis though, so unfortunately we are unable to accommodate every family who requests midwifery care.  It is essential to apply for midwifery care as soon as you know you are pregnant to give the best chance of accessing a midwife as your primary health care provider.  Occasionally, we do have openings so it is always worth applying for care at any stage in the pregnancy.  We can support you to give birth at home, clinic, Walkerton Birthing Unit or Goderich Hospital.  Stratford Hospital is more for our clients requiring a higher level of care, but it will always be a discussion with your midwife to help you navigate choice of birth place on a personalized care plan.

We look forward to being involved in your care and share in the journey and miracle of new life!

The Huron Midwives Team

Top Row (Left to Right): Rebecca Boekee (RM), Haylee Caldwell (RN/2nd Attendant), Ellen Peel (RM), Kendra Wilts (RPN/2nd Attendant), Mandy Levencrown (RM)
Middle Row: Madeleine McConnell (RM), Siobhan Vanderboor (RM), Claire Allan (RM), Valerie Shortreed (RN/Administrator)
Bottom Row: Krista Dicecco (RM) & her son Ennio, Melissa Murchison (RM) and Margaret deBoer (RN/Business Manager)

Keeping you safe!

Huron Midwives adhere to exceptional infection control practices and are fortunate to be able to provide safe community/home based care as well as hospital based care when needed or desired.