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Huron Community Midwifery Services

Huron Community Midwifery Services was founded in 1994 by Susan Wilts who established the strong roots of midwifery care in Huron County and surrounding area.


In 2017, Susan Wilts retired and Ellen Peel took ownership of Huron Midwives. We now have four full-time midwives and a second-attendant who continue to serve communities in Huron County and surrounding areas. Our clinic & birth centre is located in the town of Blyth (directions) home to the famous Blyth Festival. The majority of your postpartum care will be done in your home to allow you to rest and adapt to life with your new baby in the comfort of your own home!

As midwives we provide primary care to low-risk women throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period. We take pride in offering professional care that is also personal and compassionate, and empowers each woman to make informed choices during her pregnancy. As registered midwives, we can complete bloodwork and lab tests, order ultrasounds, prescribe certain medications related to your maternity care, and so much more. Therefore, you do not need to see your doctor prior to starting care with your midwife. We provide FREE services to all women and their families! We can support you to give birth at home, clinic, Walkerton Birthing Unit, Goderich Hospital or Stratford Hospital. Fill out our intake form or call early to reserve a space for care during this pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks of postpartum care.

We look forward to being involved in your care and share in the miracle of new life!

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Huron Community Midwifery Services

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